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How we became the industry's preferred Waxflower grower



Table-graded, hand washed, Floralife hydrated bunches with a vase life and value that sets the standard!


Premium varieties including new hybrids bunched with extra care to set ourselves apart in quality and perceived value to your loyal customers!

Bouquet Makers

Consistent ten stem bouquet grade bunches at a great price to perfectly complement and elevate your mixed bouquets!

Our Flowers

For over 25 years, we've worked hard to develop the best pre and post-harvest practices in the industry to maximize vase life; increasing value to your customers and reduce spoilage. All of our bunches are table graded, Floralife hydraded, cold chain maintained, and stored for a maximum of 4 days in our cooler for unmatched freshness and quality!

Premium Waxflower
Over 25 varieties in production year-round including several new hybrids of this beautiful, aromatic filler sure to add a touch of elegance to any arrangement.
Silver Dollar - Eucalyptus
Perfectly bunched aromatic greenery with a long vase life. Its large rounded leaves make the perfect boutonnieres and add fullness to any floral design.
Baby Blue - Eucalyptus
Baby Eucalyptus greenery acts as the frame for the most classic and romantic of flower arrangements. Sturdy, long stems boast scallop-esque leaves, each their own dusty mix of green and blue.
Parvifolia - Eucalyptus
Add texture to your arrangements with Parvafolia Fresh Eucalyptus. With small leaves and full stems, Parvafolia is a great option for small personal flowers, bridal party bouquets and centerpieces.
Gunnii - Eucalyptus
Similar to the qualities of traditional eucalyptus, the Gunnii Eucalyptus Greens add incredible texture and dimension to any bouquet or arrangement.
Agonis - Eucalyptus
As if made for soft, garden-inspired blooms, Fresh Cut Agonis Branches add a kaleidoscope of burgundy and dull green to arrangements, ideal for autumnal palettes.
Myrtle - Greens
A fresh bulk greenery, Myrtle greenery serves as wonderful decorative filler. It has dense foliage that cover the entire length of the 18-24 inch stem.
Boxwood - Greens
Boxwood greenery makes arrangements feel happy and lively. Each stem has several lateral stems with many small, oval-shaped leaves. The leaves are waxy, with a rich, forest-green hue.
Queen Anne's Lace
Chic and stylish, Queen Anne's Lace Filler Flowers are a classic white filler flower, known for its umbrella-shaped head that adds just the right sparkle of interest to arrangements.
A hearty, yellow flower, Sunflowers have a dark center surrounded by many ray like petals. Known for following the sun across the sky, the sunflower has come to mean “power” and “nourishment".
These fabulous novelty flowers are comprised of fuzzy leaves that create a cup shaped bloom. Perched on tall, sturdy stems, protea flowers have oval shaped leaves that add a perfect contrasting green.
Protea Orange Pin Cushion Flower is an unusual yet stunning flower that will add a touch of the exotic to your event. This novelty flower gets its name due to its resemblance of a pincushion.
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